Tennis & Padel Courts, Landscaping Synthetic Grass, Artificial Putting Greens and Synthetic Sports Surfaces throughout the Algarve

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Algarvtennis – Tennis Court Contractor & 4EVERGRASS – Synthetic Grass Solutions in the Algarve

We provide a wide range of services, such as tennis courts construction on various surfaces, including artificial grass, resurfacing of the old tennis courts, padel courts construction and maintenance, artificial grass lawn installation for gardens, artificial putting greens, mini golf courses construction,  synthetic grass installation for leisure and sports surfaces in general.

Padel and Tennis Courts Construction

Tennis & Padel Courts

We have built or refurbished more than 200 tennis courts throughout the Algarve, Alentejo and up to Porto, in Portugal. We are constantly innovating our methods of construction and the tennis courts surfaces in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Tennis & Padel Courts

Tennis Court Construction

We are the first choice in tennis courts construction and our team would tackle any challenge: from all-weather hard courts, synthetic grass finishing on porous base, natural or synthetic clay courts, padel-tennis courts, bowls greens to playgrounds or beautiful synthetic lawns together with our complementary team 4evergrass.

Landscaping Synthetic Grass

Landscaping & Synthetic Grass

More and more gardens and parks are equipped with synthetic turf. Innovative appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality clearly make it an alternative to natural grass. Contact us in order to find out more about your dream court or lawn.

Landscaping & Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Landscaping Grass

If you want something easier to maintain, please consider 4EVERGRASS Synthetic Grass Solutions. Besides its innovative appearance and numerous varieties, artificial grass can be used where natural grass won’t grow.

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Artificial Putting Greens

Artificial putting green technology is the advanced synthetic turf used in PGA golf training centers throughout the golf world, as well as in thousands of backyard practice areas.

Artificial Putting Greens

Artificial Putting Greens

A Putting Green in your own back garden, what better way to entertain and increase the value of your property.

Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces

Synthetic Grass Sports Surfaces

When it comes to artificial turf sports fields, 4EVERGRASS is the most trusted partner for you, whether is tennis, football or any other sport.

Synthetic Grass Sports Surfaces

Synthetic Grass Sports Surfaces

When it comes to artificial turf sports fields, 4EVERGRASS is the most trusted partner for you. Whether is tennis, football, or any other sport, our turf fields will provide your athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best, while giving field owners the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment.

Tennis and Padel Courts Construction

Related Services & Products

For a free quotation and advice, you can contact our friendly team of experts to resolve any questions and doubts regarding tennis and padel courts sizes, spaces required, types of surfaces, and finishes available. Feel free to browse our website and find out the wide range of services we provide, such as new tennis courts and padel courts construction, resurfacing of the old tennis and padel courts, tennis courts maintenance services, lighting and fencing for tennis and padel courts, etc.

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Those Are Just A Few Surfaces, There Are Plenty More

  • All Weather Hard Court

  • Multi-Purpose

  • Artificial Grass Court

  • Bowling Greens

  • Criquet Court

  • Padel-tennis Courts

  • Putting and Chipping Greens

  • Clay Courts

  • Porous Surfaces

What people say about Algarvtennis

“WOW – The team at Algarve Tennis have done an excellent job in building our tennis court and have transformed a seldom-used space on our property into an impressive new feature. –The team completed a difficult site clearance, re-routing of amenities, and rebuild all within deadlines agreed. Algarve tennis is clearly a company experienced in building tennis courts and was able to ensure the build was smooth throughout, offering sensible solutions where any problems arose, completing all remedial work and leaving left the site spotless. Everyone who visits or plays is impressed by both the build and the surface. –Highly recommend Algarve Tennis to anyone looking to build tennis or court or where similar expertise is needed. WOW- AMAZING!”
Richard Bennett

“I contracted this company and i would like to recommend it to every one interested in building a great tennis court. It is very convenient and the people are very professional. I will say it in French “Bravo” for their work!”

Simon F.