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All Weather Hard Court

A porous asphalt tennis court is made up of several layers of aggregate, often limestone, bound together with bitumen. Finer grades of aggregate are used closer to the top surface. On top of porous asphalt a layer of polyurethane or acrylic is spayed to assure insulation and extend the life of the surface. PU or PMMA is used within the paint. The colour coating is applied in at least two passes in opposite directions. This type of surface is preferred among professional players, featuring a fast-paced game (ITF classification 4 medium-fast, 5 fast).The major advantages of asphalt tennis courts are that they require very little regular maintenance. Gradual wear and tear can be easily repaired with simple resurfacing to bring your old court back to new. Even the colour can be changed with a variety of combinations.

Artificial grass court

Algarvtennis uses the best artificial grass installed on top of porous base, silica sand or rubber infill, perfect for soft tennis courts, artificial clay courts, football fields, bowling greens, croquet, padel-tennis, putting greens, driving range areas or simple lawns. Nowadays technologies allow manufacturers of synthetic grass to develop different types of carpets and, together with the level of the sand, to control the pace of the game. As our main supplier, Condor Grass, Holland, is describing, the benefits to have an artificial grass court are: all-weather playability, maintenance benefits, long term quality – durability, high safety performance, natural shock absorption, natural abrasion, natural speed, natural stability. Therefore, the synthetic grass tennis courts cover all categories of ITF classification: 1-slow ,2 medium-slow, (synthetic clay courts) , 3 medium, 4 medium-fast (the most covered category in our constructions) and 5-fast (imitating the game on a hard court).



The advantage of a multi-purpose court is that in one area you can have a variety of different coloured line markings to allow for tennis, basketball, soft football etc .The net posts, basket ball hoops and goal posts are all removable.

Putting greens

Algarvtennis uses the best artificial grass on every putting green built in your backyard or professional establishment. Position, surface, shape, obstacles, sand banks, water hazards etc. all are discussed together with our client in order to deliver the best work. The synthetic carpet is laid on a porous concrete or stone powder base. For more works related to artificial grass, please contact our partner 4evergrass.

Bowling Greens

(artificial grass)

A specially designed Astro Turf carpet is used on a porous concrete surface pre-installed with a drainage network to allow for quick drainage. The carpet is fitted on top of a special underlay offering a comfortable and even surface.


Padel-tenis courts

Padel is a racquet sport that is becoming increasingly popular.It is a combination of tennis and squash.

The scoring and many of the rules of padel are the same as in tennis, but like squash the play is confined within the court.

The area required for a padel court is a little over a third of the size required for a tennis court having a playing surface of only 20m x 10m.
The surface of the Padel court is based on the artificial grass court.

Clay Courts

Natural clay courts: are constructed using natural stone that is crushed to different levels. The finest level –a powder – is used for the uppermost layer (top dressing) and loosely bound together with water. The most common forms are red clay (terre battue) made from brick and grey clay (basalt), although the coarser-grained shale and soil-like anthill are also used. Clay courts are normally among the slowest court surfaces, often producing the longer rallies, and are responsive to spin. Daily maintenance is required to keep a clay court in top condition. Lines require regular painting, sweeping and levelling.
Synthetic clay court: specific artificial grass, made with special technology, terracotta silica sand infill, requires very low maintenance.

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