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With a wide range of services, AlgarvTennis is the most complete and trusted constructor on the market.

New Constructions

An extensive survey can be undertaken to enable the necessary works to ensure that the site is ready for construction. We offer a free site survey and quotation for all our projects. All levelling, cutting filling and if necessary rock removal is all done in house by our experienced team.
This is true for all our different surfaces that we provide.

Resurfacing and Repairs

Existing tennis courts or even multi surfaces can be repaired, repainted or even the type of surface changed from all-weather to artificial grass and many other combinations.

Courts with root damage or problems with subsidence can be repaired with minimum disruption or damage to the rest of the court.


We use the most advanced system of illumination for our courts.

Different combinations of light setups are available and each project is studied and accommodated for.

Complete installation from the light poles to the wiring is all done by our team.


We can replace your old fencing or surround your property or sports area with the best quality plastic coated fencing and galvanized posts.

Other Services

  • Excavation
  • Stone walls
  • Grass courts maintenance
  • Net replacement etc.

This are just a few, contact us to find out more.

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AlgarvTennis is the ultimate multi-purpose contractor!

We offer an awesome team, premium materials, many surfaces, experienced personnel & much more!

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