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Sports Clubs

Tennis and netball court at Golf and Sports Resort


Location: Moncarapacho
Accomplished: 06.2014
This Sport Resort, in Moncarapacho, chooses to refurbish the tennis court and to add the netball play lines in order to offer more options of  enjoyment for their clients.

See what more can we do with synthetic grass, Algarvtennis and 4evergrass works

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Advantages of using synthetic grass for lawns: none or very low maintenance, beautiful lawn all year round, resists intensive use and UV (does not lose color over the years), always good drainage! And….it really feels like natural!

Two padel-tennis courts

New achievment of summer 2015: two padel-tennis courts at Algarve Tennis & Fitness Club (behind Vilas&Vacations, Vale do Lobo)

Tennis courts renovation Carvoeiro Tennis Club

7 tennis court, 4 mini tennis courts, one multisports court, all refurbished at Carvoeiro tennis Club. Hard work for our team but fantastic reward this outcome. Alex has made his best to obtain this bright blue inspired by Australian Open.Accomplished: 2013-2014

Jardins do Golfe Tennis Center, Vale do Lobo

Location: Vale do Lobo
Accomplished: July 2009
Three synthetic grass tennis courts: two refurbished and one new construction,fencing and lighting included.